Updates & Community Sites

At the end of every day during the Quest (2/18-2/27) we will update how many clue balls are still left in the parks PLUS the additional ones that will be added.  This update is ONLY for the Parks listed below and is ONLY UPDATED at the end of the day - NOT as clue balls are found!  New clue balls go out every day into these parks.  The number below indicates the number of clue balls in each park for the following day.  

We do NOT provide updates on clue balls for participating businesses.   

Remember - part of the fun is the "thrill of the hunt"! 

Updated 2/27 at 4:45 PM all of our clue balls for the 2022 event have been claimed.  Participating businesses *may* have some still out there - but you will need to follow their individual social accounts for that information and future updates.  See you in 2023!

Heritage Park (Stanwood): 0

Church Creek Park (Stanwood): 0

Freedom Park (Camano): 0

Kayak Point or Lake Goodwin or Wenberg County Park (Stanwood): 0

community sites

Community Sites are approved locations where participating businesses can hide clueballs during the event. Please read complete details in the booklet.  Maps of some of the sites are below for reference. 

The following are approved sites for the 2022 event: 


Freedom Park

Elger Bay Preserve only on 2/18, 2/19, 2/20, 2/21, 2/26, 2/27.  Park at Elger Bay School on these dates ONLY.  No parking available when school is in session.  

Four Springs Preserve 

The Camano State Parks are NOT participating in 2022 due to the damage created to vegetation in 2021.  A reminder to FOLLOW THE RULES! No Sticks.  Stay on trail and leave no trace.  


Heritage Park

Church Creek Park

Kayak Point

Lake Goodwin

Wenberg County Park

Stanwood Area Historical Society do not go near the Floyd Building or the Veterans Memorial.