At the end of every day during the Quest (2/15-2/24) we will update how many clue balls are still left in the parks.  This update is ONLY for the Parks is ONLY UPDATED at the end of the day - NOT as clue balls are found!  New clue balls go out into the parks every day of the Quest.  The number below indicates the number of clue balls that will be in each park at some point TOMORROW (the new ones PLUS any over the carry-over balls that were not found).     We do NOT provide updates on clue balls for participating businesses.    Remember - part of the fun is the "thrill of the hunt"!  Heritage Park (Stanwood):  1 Church Creek Park (Stanwood):  2 Freedom Park (Camano):  1 Cama Beach State Park (Camano): 2 Camano Island State Park (Camano): 3 Kayak Point or Lake Goodwin or Wenberg County Park (Stanwood): 2