Rules for a successful quest

be respectful

Host businesses have opened their stores to you, please abide by their rules.  

When in Community Sites do NOT USE STICKS of any kind (this includes walking sticks). 

Respect vegetation & wildlife and leave no trace.  The Camano Island State Parks are not participating in 2022 because this rule was not followed - that is a loss of 30 balls this year.  

We ask that if you see people using sticks please help us by asking them to put them back in their car.  We need your help to enforce these rules - thank you! 

Reminder - clueballs can be found using your EYES only.  A maximum of 1/2 of the ball can be disguised but a portion of the clear section will be showing.  

don't ask

Enjoy the thrill of the hunt, don't ask "has it been found today?" 

Businesses may provide clues - but this is not required.  Sometimes clues are on their social media pages or websites.  

use your eyes only

All clue balls will be visible (albeit camouflaged on occasion).  Please do not move merchandise around.

NO STICKS! (Yes we are saying it again.) 

time's up

If you have not found the clueball within 15-20 minutes it is probably not there, don't linger.  Come back and try tomorrow.  Some businesses may have a limited # of individuals allowed in store at one time - please abide by their rules.  

find & have fun!

one per person

Have a great time and limit your Treasure to  one per person per year.  Please provide a photo ID when you claim your Glass Ball (adult will show their ID for children).  You can purchase as many Unlimited Balls as you would like! 

Don't forget to thank the host business (and it is always nice to purchase something!) 

Follow all covid-19 safety rules

masks are required while questing! 

More info. here on COVID-19 Safety Rules