Mark & Marcus Ellinger

Meet the Father & Son Glassblowing Team who create the art for The Great Northwest Glass Quest event! 
The Camano Island Chamber of Commerce partners with Glass Quest Studio for the Great NW Glass Quest Event.  The Camano Chamber organizes the event and the artists do what they do best - make beautiful art!
Mark A. Ellinger, A native of Puget Sound, Washington, Mark started blowing glass in 1983 & served as the Artistic director, Production Mgr, & Head glass blower for a well respected Pacific Northwest glassblowing studio for 15 years.


In 1998 Mark built and founded "Glass Quest " in rural Stanwood, Washington. Mark's son Marcus Ellinger is now blowing glass with Mark and has been blowing glass at Glass Quest since 2008 Father and son team up and feed off each others creativity and are creating new works. 


Mr. Ellinger has won numerous awards for his innovative uses of color & form, which developed from his love of the Art Nouveau period and the natural surroundings of the Puget sound. His pieces grace both individual and corporate collections around the world.


Statement- " The free form beauty of the Puget Sound region is the inspiration of my artwork. Nature provides an endless pallet of color and form that lends itself to the nature of glass in its molten state. the breeze of a sunny day, the ebb & flow of a tide, glass captures the movement of creation and freezes it so it can be enjoyed and light can play upon its color & form."
Marcus Ellinger is the oldest son of Mark and Cindy Ellinger. He has been working at Glass Quest, the family business and blowing glass since 2008.  Ever since he was a young boy, Marcus has always shown a talent for the arts.  Be it in glass, clay or inks, Marcus was the kind of boy that excelled at an early age in the arts.  Marcus's close attention to detail has given him a natural talent for creating what his minds eye perceives.  Often he approaches art challenges with a "What if" or "How about" attitude.  After graduating from High School and attending Everett Community College Marcus realized that what was so familiar to him yet unique and now intriguing to him was the glass blowing studio his dad built. Glass Quest Fine Art Studio. 


Currently Marcus is inspired by art of glass blowing and its various forms.  What has drawn Marcus to glass blowing are the abundant challenges and unique qualities that make it unlike any other art form.  Marcus enjoys working with his Dad and learning as much as he can from such an experienced glass blower.  With the addition of a father and son team, Glass Quest has been able to grow its always expanding product line.

Statement- " I've always enjoyed working with my hands and making something out of nothing."

"I enjoy working with my dad.  It is fun to inspire one another in a friendly competition of always trying to one up each other."