Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a VERY busy time for Glass Quest and we often do not have time to reply to individual emails or comments - please read below for a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.

When does the event start?

The 2020 Great Northwest Glass Quest begins on Friday February 14th and ends on Sunday February 23rd.

Does it start at a certain time?

Each business has the time and days they are open for Glass Quest.  Parks are open from sunrise-sunset.

Do I need to check-in somewhere?

While you do not need to Check-In anywhere in particular we would love to see you at the Visitor Center on Camano (IGA Plaza) - we have stickers for Glass Quest and a fun Polaroid Camera Wall this year! You can "Check-In" online EVERY DAY that you QUEST - this gives us important information about attendance AND we draw one name EVERY DAY during Glass Quest to win a Glass Ball!   Duplicate entries in a single day will be deleted.

Do I need to register or buy tickets?

Nope.  Questing is FREE.

How Does this work exactly?

For 10 days (2/14-2/23) businesses and parks throughout Stanwood & Camano hide plastic clue balls.  When you find a plastic clue ball you win a LIMITED EDITION hand blown Glass Ball.

Where do I go?

Participating businesses and parks are listed in the Glass Quest Booklet - pick up a booklet OR download one HERE.

Where Can I get a Booklet?

Visit the Information Center on Camano (IGA Plaza), UPS Store, Windermere Locations, Elger Bay Grocery, Camano Island Marketplace,  or a Guilded Gallery to pick up a booklet.  Or download one online HERE.

What am I looking for?

You are searching for a clear, plastic 3 inch "clue ball" - these clue balls can be camouflaged but should always be in locations where you do not need to move store merchandise or disturb plants, etc.  USE YOUR EYES ONLY! There are photos of clue balls and Glass Balls in the booklet.

How do I know when clue balls are hidden? 

That is part of the "QUEST" - you do NOT know when clue balls or hidden, or found - or when businesses put new balls out... please refrain from asking Business Owners if "the clue ball has been found" because they have taken an oath to not share that information.


We do post DAILY updates for clue balls in the Parks that have not been found.  You can check on the updates here.  We do NOT post updates for any participating businesses - embrace the "thrill of the hunt!"

Are there Clues? If so where do I find them? 

Some participating businesses choose to put out "clues" for the clue balls - visit each location to get the clues, follow the business on social media, and visit their websites for more information.  This varies per participating business and they do NOT have to provide clues.

How long does it take?

These Hidden Treasures are TREASURES because they are not easy to acquire - a general rule of thumb for Questing inside a business is that if you have not found a clue ball in 15-20 minutes you should probably move on - don't loiter!

How many Glass Balls are there?

There are over 440 LIMITED Edition Treasures to be found in 2020! 

How many can I find?

LIMITED Edition Glass Balls are limited to ONE PER PERSON per year - please respect this year and share the treasure with others!

What if I don't find one? Can I buy one? 

The LIMITED Edition Glass Quest balls are not for sale (thus they are a TREASURE to only be FOUND) - however you can purchase a NON-LIMITED EDITION Glass Ball at some locations (ask your business) for $50 with a stamped booklet or $65 without a stamped booklet.

Why Should I Get my Booklet Stamped?

As you visit businesses you can have your booklet stamped or signed which allows you to purchase a non-limited ball at a discounted rate AND turning in the stamped form enters you into a drawing for a Glass Ball (drawing is on St. Patrick's Day.) 

Is this event Handicap Friendly?

YES! Participating Businesses are Handicap Friendly , as well as the participating parks, however at the parks some clue balls may be hidden on unpaved trails.  In addition, the Angels of Glass Quest has a Quest for Individuals with Physical Limitations and/or 65+ at the Camano Center (606 Arrowhead Rd. Camano Island) on Fri. Feb. 21st from 10am-dusk. Clue balls will be hidden outside of the building not on the trails or inside building.

My Question was not answered what do I do now?

If the above did not answer your question please email or call our Visitor Center 360-629-7136 and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Please be RESPECTFUL of the Businesses you are visiting as well as fellow Questers - when all else fails use your manners, do the right thing, and HAVE FUN!